why we love Santiago

we live about a 10-15 minute bus ride from Santiago de Compostela. here is what a typical day there looks like for us

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fairy garden sensory table


mymy loves fairies. i’ve been making these little fairies and bendy dolls for almost a year. i’ve also started making little accessories for them. she hadn’t touched the previous sensory table in a few days so i knew it was time to change it up. she also hadn’t been playing with the fairies as much as before so i decided to use them in the sensory table to see if it would re-spark her interest. i find if mymy’s getting bored with things i just have to change the way things are displayed and she starts playing with them again, or playing with them in new ways.

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DIY sensory table

i’ve always wanted to have a cool sensory table for mymy. something more than just a plastic bin on the floor. something higher up that she can stand and play at. our glass top coffee table (that opens up so you can display items in it) was the perfect solution. i just removed the glass and voila! i’m sure if you keep your eyes open you could find one at a thrift store or garage sale. i would think that there are also some that have missing glass pieces just begging to have a new life. gotta love re-purposing items!

DIY sensory table   DIY sensory table

^ here we used some dry beans, lentils, and rice with her Playmobil farm and beside that with her Schleich animals.

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pretend play: Doctor’s Office

i love watching mymy play pretend. her imagination is incredible. i see a lot of our real life situations coming out in play and it makes me smile to see how she interprets things. she has been playing Doctor’s Office a lot lately and i decided to dedicate a little corner of her room to help expand her play. she has a little doctor’s kit but i felt like she would love something more.


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our daily rhythm – not quite the norm

mymy’s natural rhythm is not quite typical. ever since she was a babe she fell into sleeping from 11pm to 11am (with lots of wake ups in between). this was very different to the young children of my friends and family. i worried i was doing something wrong. should i be trying to get her to fall asleep by 8? or even 7? well i thought about it, and read, and discussed, and tried different routines, and read some more, and almost lost my sanity a few times, and then FINALLY came to the conclusion that mymy and i (and daddy josh too!) are not typical. we are us. we are unique. and we do what works for us. we do what gets us the most sleep. and we do what holds mommy’s sanity firmly in place! here is what our average day looks like:

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