we love our smoothies



^ mymy couldn’t wait!

smoothies are our favourite way to get lots of nutrients fast. they are easy and taste great. there are tons of recipes out there for different kinds. our fav fruits for smoothies are bananas, mango, pineapple, peaches, and berries. the great thing about pineapple is that it really masks the taste of veggies. so if you are wanting to add a lot of greens the pineapple will really overpower the taste.

i always add lots of spinach (in canada i used kale too but i haven’t found any here :\ )my fav extras that i also add are: chia seeds, flax seed oil, ground almond, and coconut oil. shredded coconut, nut butters, and ground flax seeds are also great. we mostly use orange juice or a non-dairy milk (usually almond or oat) as our base.

the greatest thing about our smoothies is that mymy loves them. if she’s having a picky eating day i just mix up a couple smoothies through out the day and then i know she’s getting her nutrients (especially calcium and protein)