pretend play: Doctor’s Office

i love watching mymy play pretend. her imagination is incredible. i see a lot of our real life situations coming out in play and it makes me smile to see how she interprets things. she has been playing Doctor’s Office a lot lately and i decided to dedicate a little corner of her room to help expand her play. she has a little doctor’s kit but i felt like she would love something more.


she has a little chair for her patients to wait, a bed, and a table with all her tools. i also printed off an eye chart, and a skeletal system and human body chart as well.

wpid-wp-1435141418190.jpeg wpid-wp-1435141515550.jpeg

i neatly displayed all of her tools along with printed prescription and human body outlines for her to make notes on. i also included a phone which she LOVES. i think i will have to include the phone with every set-up we do because she loves it so much. she has used it to call the pharmacist and the “lady who works at the sunglasses store” to make sure they had glasses for Olaf who was having trouble reading the eye chart. parents of her patients have also phoned to check up on their loved ones. 🙂


 daddy also had a great idea to use toilet paper rolls as casts. we just cut to the size we wanted a made a slit down one side so we could fit them on patients with larger limbs. poor “baby rara” had quite the accident and required a LOT of casts.


once she’s over playing Doctor’s Office so much we’ll change this corner into something else. maybe a little market since she has also been playing a lot of “Grocery Store” lately.


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