why we love Santiago

we live about a 10-15 minute bus ride from Santiago de Compostela. here is what a typical day there looks like for us

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mymy and me lately

it’s been a beautiful past couple of weeks here in Galicia. some days being a littleĀ too warm. on the days that are too warm we usually try to get outside right when we wake up and then again after 7ish. but here’s what we’ve have been up to lately….

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our daily rhythm – not quite the norm

mymy’s natural rhythm is not quite typical. ever since she was a babe she fell into sleeping from 11pm to 11am (with lots of wake ups in between). this was very different to the young children of my friends and family. i worried i was doing something wrong. should i be trying to get her to fall asleep by 8? or even 7? well i thought about it, and read, and discussed, and tried different routines, and read some more, and almost lost my sanity a few times, and then FINALLY came to the conclusion that mymy and i (and daddy josh too!) are not typical. we are us. we are unique. and we do what works for us. we do what gets us the most sleep. and we do what holds mommy’s sanity firmly in place! here is what our average day looks like:

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