mymy and me lately

it’s been a beautiful past couple of weeks here in Galicia. some days being a little too warm. on the days that are too warm we usually try to get outside right when we wake up and then again after 7ish. but here’s what we’ve have been up to lately….

wpid-img_20150610_144529888.jpgwpid-img_20150610_145210886_hdr.jpg wpid-img_20150610_151705781.jpg wpid-img_20150610_151946.jpg wpid-img_20150610_152125402.jpg

^ we did some colour mixing after mymy had been describing things as “purpley pink” and “bluey green”. this way she could see all different shades and tones of colours. (the little coloured discs you see there are cut from branches. i’ve painted them to use in play)


^ we were being “explorers” (thank you Little Bear!) looking for treasures. we also brought along her magnifying glass (or as mymy calls it, her “wine glass” :/ )


^ mymy has been trying for what seemed like ages to cut with scissors. i tried to demonstrate, i tried my hand over her hand, i tried 3 different kinds of scissors. she wanted to learn so bad but it just wasn’t clicking. then one day she said she wanted to try again. i gave her the scissors, paper, and let her be (i kept my eye on her though!). while watching Little Bear she got it! all on her own. hmmm…they really can learn on their own. so capable!


^ we did some swan and duck watching in the beautiful Alameda park in Santiago.


^ she had a tea party with joey and susie

11707675_497316190431568_4824018198297249958_n wpid-wp-1435403446832.jpeg

^ we did some outdoor art with sidewalk chalk (mymy likes when i draw heads and she draws the bodies) and then we also collected some treasures and made this…wpid-wp-1435403360668.jpeg

wpid-wp-1435574639585.jpeg wpid-wp-1435574657668.jpeg

^ staying cool in the shade, we threw stones, sticks, and leaves into the river. i pointed out that no mater what shape the item was it made a circle in the water and mymy explained to me that it’s because “it’s just what happens” 😛 the other picture is a little house we made for a beetle. after i took the picture mymy took the leaf off and said she thinks the beetle likes to feel the wind.


^ this girls loves learning about letters and numbers. i got her chalkboard out to see if she wanted to paint with water on it and she asked me to do the “ABC’s” on it. she then sang the song about a million times as she cleaned off the letters with water.

and just this past Sunday we went to a beautiful beach


it was about a 50 minute bus ride, but mymy slept pretty much the whole way there and back and the scenery wasn’t so bad either….

10400044_10152970092211179_135604993700860498_n 11193412_10152970097231179_593872027370796686_n

i’d say not a bad ride! we’re definitely going to go back a lot this summer.

11694011_10152970297906179_5405849273336924489_n 1472834_10152970103506179_6427905494053186321_n 1382960_10152970188656179_3284973621446056836_n

thanks for reading! i hope you are enjoying your days too!


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