our daily rhythm – not quite the norm

mymy’s natural rhythm is not quite typical. ever since she was a babe she fell into sleeping from 11pm to 11am (with lots of wake ups in between). this was very different to the young children of my friends and family. i worried i was doing something wrong. should i be trying to get her to fall asleep by 8? or even 7? well i thought about it, and read, and discussed, and tried different routines, and read some more, and almost lost my sanity a few times, and then FINALLY came to the conclusion that mymy and i (and daddy josh too!) are not typical. we are us. we are unique. and we do what works for us. we do what gets us the most sleep. and we do what holds mommy’s sanity firmly in place! here is what our average day looks like:

  • 9am (…or sometimes closer to 10am…) i wake up and get ready. maybe throw in a load of  laundry or sweep or do dishes from last night.
  • 10am (ish) mymy wakes up and gets ready for the day


  • 11am we head outside to play and run errands if needed

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  • when we feel like we are done outside we go back home and do any chores that need to be done and play. this is also when we sometimes do some cool new activities together.


  • 2pm we make and eat lunch and then clean up. mymy will either help me make lunch or play.


  • 3pm we play, read books, or watch a movie


  • 4pm is typically when mymy naps (she is in the slow process of weaning from her nap so some days she naps and some days she doesn’t. some times she will go 3 or 4 days without a nap. then she’ll have a nap everyday for a week or more. i just gently encourage her to nap by having some snuggles and milky (nursing) but i never push her. she is learning to listen to her body. on the days that she naps i will either nap too or i will have a coffee and some “me” time.


apparently she always has great company to nap with!


  • 6pm we have a snack and head outside to meet her friends and play play play. run run run!


  • 8/8:30pm we head back home and play inside a bit. on days that mymy doesn’t nap i will usually give her dinner at this time and get her all ready for bed so she can fall asleep as soon as she gets tired which can be anytime after 8
  • 9:30pm we make and eat dinner
  • 10pm we relax, play quietly, read books, or watch a movie


  • 11pm we will start bedtime routine of snack and story, bath/wash up, brush teeth, and milky
  • mymy usually falls asleep around midnight. sometimes a little earlier and sometimes not until 1am. josh and i go to bed somewhere in between midnight and 1am.


we try our best to always respect mymy’s nighttime needs. we don’t force her to sleep (or try to sleep) when she isn’t ready. this also means having her sleep with us. since her birth mymy has always needed to be very close to me at night (if not right on top of me!). for this reason we have a family bed (a queen and twin mattress pushed together). she also has her own room with a bed in it, so if she ever has the urge she is more than welcome to sleep in her own room at night. that urge has never come upon her though. we have talked about it. she has suggested maybe she would like to sleep in her own room. but when night and tiredness comes she always decides to go to “our bed”. and she will always be welcome until she is ready to be on her own. if that’s tomorrow or when she’s 20, it’s up to her. it’s her choice. she knows what she needs, and if that is closeness at nighttime, we will be there for her. and for the record, i think it’ll be well before she’s 20.


we also have days when we spend almost all day outside, with mymy even taking a nap in the stroller or something completely different than this routine. but i find if we have more than a couple days that are completely off our typical rhythm everyone gets a bit cranky. mymy is SO much happier if she knows what’s happening and she feels a little more in control of the situation. if she feels like she’s completely unaware of what’s going on and like she has no say in what’s happening she’s not a happy camper. when we first moved here and i wasn’t used to having all this free time with mymy we really struggled to find our grove and stick to it. but after some time we found what worked for us and found we were all much happier when we were in our rhythm.



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