fairy garden sensory table


mymy loves fairies. i’ve been making these little fairies and bendy dolls for almost a year. i’ve also started making little accessories for them. she hadn’t touched the previous sensory table in a few days so i knew it was time to change it up. she also hadn’t been playing with the fairies as much as before so i decided to use them in the sensory table to see if it would re-spark her interest. i find if mymy’s getting bored with things i just have to change the way things are displayed and she starts playing with them again, or playing with them in new ways.

wpid-wp-1435433034554.jpeg wpid-wp-1435433039882.jpeg

i used a mix of beans and lentils with a felt pond and grass area. the other grass is shredded green tissue paper. the little coloured circles are discs cut from branches that i’ve painted using the colours we made when we were investigating different tones and shades of colours. then i placed a few of the fairies, bendy dolls, and gnomes around with a little table set i made. i also made the little toadstools and tree.

i have a few of these items up for sale on my etsy store, Mymy’s Forest.

i also have a Pinterest board that has tons of ideas for fairy play.

i can remember loving fairies as a little girl too. it brings back great memories to see mymy looking for fairies outside 🙂


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