mymy and me lately

here are some of the activities mymy did this week


^ sweeping up some beans. “can you sweep the beans into the square?” “can you sweep them into your dustpan?”

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our life in Spain


we moved to Spain (Galicia to be exact) at the end of August 2014. so we’ve had some time to settle in. we are loving it here. our daily life is very different from back home in Toronto. let me tell you about it!

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mymy and me lately

here are some things that have been keeping mymy and me busy over the last little while…


we dyed rice and beans to use with our animals. it was really easy. just toss rice and beans (or just rice) into a double bag, throw in some drops of food colouring and shake shake shake. lay flat on a sheet of wax paper or paper towel to dry for a few hours and voila!
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Saint Valentine’s

for Saint Valentine’s Day i made mymy a love gnome. when she wakes up she will find this…


the little love gnome who came to help us celebrate Valentine’s day also decorated our nature table. he brought us a felt heart garland and decorated our pinecone with pink and red pom poms.

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