mymy and me lately

here are some of the activities mymy did this week


^ sweeping up some beans. “can you sweep the beans into the square?” “can you sweep them into your dustpan?”


^ cork boats. i hot-glued corks together and made little toothpick sails. mymy played with these while singing row row row your boat


^ mymy found this pig at our closest cheap store and just HAD to have it. it’s actually a dog toy. she loves it. it makes a snorting noise when you squeeze it. *_* i brought the pig to her and said she (when i said “he” to her she informed me that her pig is a “she! she is a girl pig!”) must have gotten outside and been rolling in the mud because she was all dirty! (a little water and coffee grounds works well as dirt). we filled a little tray with some warm soapy water and she spent a good long while sponging him clean and then drying him off with a towel.


^ painting on a mirror was AWESOME. mymy loved it. first she painted on it, then she used a popsicle stick to make designs in the paint, then a sponge (with a clothespin handle) and water to smudge it around, and then her finger to make more designs. we will definitely do this again soon.

 wpid-wp-1433505630268.jpeg wpid-wp-1433505618117.jpeg

^ we played with playdough a lot this week. here mymy is using some loose parts (wood discs, ice-cream sticks, spools, rings and beads) as well as practicing cutting with a little butter knife.

wpid-img_20150531_151824939.jpg wpid-img_20150531_153623059_hdr.jpg wpid-img_20150531_151443065_hdr.jpg

^ i also set up some fine-motor activities for her. the first is a wooden cylinder (from our Melissa & Doug set) with some small hair elastics (a toilet paper roll and bigger elastics would work well too). the next picture is some pom poms with tongs and an ice-cube tray. in the last picture i tied a string to two chairs and gave her a bucket of clothespins. the best thing about these last 3 activities was that they were quick to set up and kept mymy entertained for a good chunk of time. that’s the best- when you find an activity that is quick and easy to set up but keeps their interest for a while. (and they’re mess-free!)

so those were some of the activities mymy did this week. she also helped me with the daily tasks like feeding the cats, laundry, sweeping, cooking, and groceries. and of course, we spent a lot of time playing outside.


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