things we love right now

right now mymy is loving her doctor kit. she has this one.


and here she is playing “doctor” with her friend


mymy is also loving playing with her Hape kitchen.


i’ve added real (dry) beans and rice for her to play with and she really enjoys making “soup”.

mymy’s fav book right now is The Christmas Wish. i know, it’s no where near Christmas. i had the book stored in a closet and she found it. and wanted to read it. everyday. it really is an awesome book and i definitely don’t mind reading it. is there even a rule of no Christmas books in the Spring/Summer?! well if there is, we’re breaking it!


okay. now on to my fav things. wow. i totally sound like Oprah. 😉

my new fav blog that i may have spent way too many hours catching up on is Lulastic and the Hippyshake. Lucy is a mother of 2 living in a Yurt in New Zealand. she is crazy cool and i love her posts on parenting and what they do as a family to help the environment and be more conscious humans.

i recently finished reading the book Buddhism for Mothers. you can read more about it by clicking the link. you don’t have to be a Buddhist or want to become a Buddhist to take some great lessons from it. it has really challenged my way of thinking and has led me to become more present in the now (since i typically live in the future and am always planning for tomorrow instead of living for today). i think everyone could learn something from it.

i can’t believe i just tried rosehip oil for the first time recently. have i been living under a rock?! apparently. but it’s awesome. i use it on my face instead of a moisturizer. it’s a little more oily than moisturizer. it IS an oil after all. so you just need a tiny amount and have to wait a little while longer for it to really soak it. i hardly ever wear make-up (like almost a year of no make-up) so it doesn’t cause any issues for me. but if you wear make up you’ll want to give yourself some time in between applying the oil and applying make-up. there are tons of great benefits besides a soft and beautiful smelling face you can read here.

well that’s my list of things we love right now. let me know if you like them too or what your fav things are right now.


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