mymy and me lately

here are some things that have been keeping mymy and me busy over the last little while…


we dyed rice and beans to use with our animals. it was really easy. just toss rice and beans (or just rice) into a double bag, throw in some drops of food colouring and shake shake shake. lay flat on a sheet of wax paper or paper towel to dry for a few hours and voila!



^ we dyed salt using the same method as the rice. same idea as coloured sand but loads cheaper.



^ this was really fun! marbles on a train track. this kept mymy interested for a good half hour or more. it would be great with older kids too because you have to get the tracks at the right angles to keep the marbles on but to have them go as far as you want them to.


^ this was the end result of starting to paint some *tiny* air-dry clay hearts we made for some special people in our lives. mymy got some paint on her finger and then decided she liked it and continued to paint her arms, and then after following her interest we ended up doing this….



^ a good hour of fun that ended in a nice warm shower AND bubble bath. i was actually really happy for mymy to be getting this messy as she usually HATES when she gets paint or any kind of mess on her hands. it was like sensory therapy lol.


but the BEST things we’ve been doing lately is spending tons of time outside. warm Spring air is around us and we are taking full advantage. picnics, long walks, bubbles, chalk, playing with plastic animals on the grass by the river, and soccer are among our fav outdoor activities right now.






with Spring in the air we are starting to work on our Spring nature table. check out the post coming soon!


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