exploration with letters and numbers

mymy has started becoming really interested in letters and numbers recently. she points out ‘B’s and ‘W’s when she sees them on signs out and about and she’s been counting to 20 now (which consists of 1-10, then 11,12,15,16,17,18,16,17,18, 🙂 so cute).

to build on her interest i put out a number exploration tray and set up a little letter table. she went to both on her own to start exploring.


the next day i showed her how the stencils worked and she asked me to write names and draw pictures


the following day i changed it up slightly by flipping the magnet board over to use the chalkboard side and wrote the letters on so she could put her magnet letters on top which she loves doing.


here are some pics of the numbers basket i set up for her:



sometimes when i set out explorations i think she’ll be interested in she doesn’t really….well, explore. i leave it for a couple days and if still stays untouched or played with very minimally i put it away and watch for cues to try it again another time. i have never pushed her to learn anything. she always surprises me with her interests and self learning of things. i just simply pay attention to her interests and provide materials to support it. from there i answer a lot of her questions with “what do you think?”, ” lets find out”, or a direct answer if appropriate.

Check out my Pinterest boards for more ideas/inspiration for letter and number activities/explorations




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