We’re Going on a Bear Hunt – a sensory experience


We’re Going on a Bear Hunt is one of our favourite books. so when i saw this sensory bag idea by school time snippets i had to try it with mymy. of course she LOVED it. we did the whole book 3 times in a row. when she asked to do it a fourth time i said we would after nap lol.


for the grass i cut up some of our house plant (sorry little tree!) because it was pouring rain outside and i didn’t want soggy grass, i wanted swishy grass 😉


for the river i used a jar of water with blue food colouring


for mud i used some potting soil mixed with water


for the forest i used some twigs we had. but if you have access to it, a bag of twigs, leaves, acorns, etc would be great. i’m planning on upgrading the ‘forest’ once it (if it?!?) stops raining


for snow i used a bag of flour


and for the cave i used a toilet paper roll. while i was reading that page i snuck a little toy bear in it and mymy’s eyes lit up when she saw it. then for the last part of the book when the family runs back through everything mymy made the little bear travel over all the bags.

doing this activity also got me thinking it would be a REALLY awesome sensory experience to do this outside and use open trays and allow the child to get nice a messy with it. we’ll have to re-visit this on a warm day 😉


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