invitation to play: marbles



so i had plans of doing a “tot school” with mymy where i would pick a new theme each week that i think she would be interested in and set up activities and trays with that theme in mind. i did feelings last week and she liked it but i don’t think she LOVED it. i also feel like she would benefit more from exploration type play.
mymy really likes to know how to do things, and do them right and perfect. she will become obsessive about learning a new skill “right” and gets upset if things don’t happen exactly how she planned. in an effort to get her to enjoy just exploring and having fun with no “right” way i decided to set up provocations/invitations to play.
i found some awesome ones on Pinterest and have a whole board of them. i set up some with things we already have but am planning a trip to our “dollar store”.
for this one i set out some marbles, a couple tiny containers with lids, some tin foil, a little (clean) drain strainer, and some plastic wrap. mymy enjoyed seeing how many marbles she could fit into each container with the lid on. she spent about 20 minutes with this tray which surprised me. and to be completely honest, i enjoyed that she played more independently with it rather than needing me to ” you do it mommy, tum (come)!!! help amymy!” 
these invitation to plays would also work well for her to play with while im trying to make dinner.


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