just over two weeks

okay. just over two weeks until we leave. breath breath breath.

things we have done in the last little while:
-found an apartment. yay! one last thing we have to do when we get there. this took a lot of stress off our shoulders.
-got vacuum seal bags to smush our clothes, blankets, etc down about 4 sizes (a must do when only taking 3 suitcases. i’ve done a trial pack of a couple suitcases to see what fits
-got rid of more stuff
-called to have our cell phones cancelled for when we leave- we’ll set up new phones (that are much much cheaper in Spain) when we arrive
-cancelled our health cards for when we move (if you move and don’t claim non-residency from Canada you have to pay crazy taxes in your wordly income- no thanks!)
-called revenue canada to let them know we’re moving abroad
-had to get micro chips for cats and their rabies vaccines
-got air line approved carriers for cats
-downloaded a bunch of apps on the iPad for mymy for when we are travelling
-made a “special document” folder with all of our important documents in it so it’s easy to access and look for specific documents when we are there. we also scanned all our documents so we have electronic copies incase anything happens
-got ride of more stuff
-call me crazy but i’ve also made a grocery list that is in both English and Spanish so that when we get there we can run out and grab our groceries with out having to think too much. i just know once we get there we’re going to have a million things on our mind and the last thing i’m going to want to do is find translations for all the spices we need etc.
-i’ve started learning Spanish on the duolingo app

things we still have to do:
-do our real pack
-get the cats’ papers done (you have to do it within 10 days of your departure)
-fully claim non-residency from Canada once we are in Spain
-once we are in spain i can claim residency in Spain (it’s easier for mymy and josh since they are Portuguese citizens but still fairly easy for me since i’m wife/mommy they can’t deny me)
-josh and mymy still have to do some paperwork to “let them know we are there” once we get there and some more paperwork for his work

i am really excited. a little nervous, but more excited.


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