oh mymy!


i love this language explosion that has happened. mymy is now talking. in full sentences. it makes life a little easier. but most of all, it makes life a little funnier. i think it would be a crime if only i got to laugh at some of her cuteness so i will share it with you…

bamboo is our neighbours dog. she is a white poodle. mymy says: “bamboo have blond hair like mymy!”

we see a robin pulling a worm out of the ground. mymy says: “worm makes a baby bird feel better.”

while getting ready for a bed i ask her “mymy, what time is it?” (thinking she’ll say bedtime). mymy says “six”

“my arm hurts.   (long pause)    poor baby”

me: “we’re going to the store to get mommy a new bra”

mymy: “mommy wears a big big big bra. mymy wears a little bra.”

mymy sees a chip in the bag that is a little burnt and says: “me no like the bird poo chip.”

 IMG_4482 IMG_4516

oh man she cracks me up!


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