diy bird-feeders and our momma robin

so i love pinterest. i get sooo many amazing ideas there and think it’s such a great resource. i found some great ideas for diy bird-feeders.


for these ones we just cut a clementine in half (an orange would be ideal but we worked with what we had on hand), scoop out the fruit, eat the clementine, cut two holes for the yarn (or twine, whatever you have), and fill with birdseed. ta-da! bird-feeder!


we also made one using a pinecone. we just spread peanut-butter on it and then rolled it in the birdseed.  we hung it in the tree with some yarn. i think they look really pretty hanging in the tree.

we got the idea to make the bird-feeders when we noticed we had a momma robin in our backyard. mymy and i were cleaning up the garden when we heard a bird in the tree who was just a little too close for comfort. we turned around to see a momma robin who was warning us that we were too close to her nest. we moved away and she settled back in her beautiful nest. we sat and watched her for a good while (i was surprised how long mymy was just sitting there watching). we talked about her, what she might be doing in her nest, what she eats, what colour robin eggs are, etc. then momma robin flew away. i took that opportunity to quickly and carefully check out what was inside her nest. i had to stand on a chair and snap some pics by holding the camera above my head because i wasn’t tall enough to see inside. (i was very careful to watch for momma’s return and not touch the nest. scaring her away from her nest was the last thing i would want to do).


momma robin in her nest


what we saw when we looked at the pics i took 🙂 mymy shouted “yay! chicks!!!” to which i explained that there were baby robins in the eggs, not chicks. lol. this is really great for mymy to see because lately she’s been obsessed with watching youtube videos of chicks hatching. so everyday we go out to see our momma robin and listen out for any little tweets. i think they are still eggs for now but momma robin is always sitting on that nest so i have a feeling the babies might be hatching soon 🙂


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