our move and becoming more minimalistic

we are moving to Spain in august.

this is a huge move for us. it will be josh, mymy, myself, our two cats (dusty and joey), and 3 or 4 suitcases (josh says 3, i say 4).

it’s 3 and a half months away but still feels unreal to me. we have most things in order but still have a couple things left we need to do. a big one for me is learning Spanish.  i really need to get on that one. i’m not a procrastinator but i am when it comes to learning Spanish for some reason. maybe i feel like i have more time than i really do, maybe i’m self conscious about learning and speaking a new language, maybe i would rather nap when mymy naps than practice….maybe a combination of all those reasons…. :/ anyways, i need to get on it. i’m giving myself until next week to slack off and then i have to hit the books (well, the ipad- duolingo to be exact)

one of the big things we have done to get ready for our move is to sell/donate/get rid of all our STUFF.  we have also moved in with josh’s parents until the move.  getting rid of all our STUFF may seem really scary but it was actually very rewarding. i have never been one to hold onto things i don’t need. i’m always purging unnecessary clutter and love that feeling. but there are always those certain things that i would hold onto even though i didn’t really use/need/or want them. some of the things were a little sentimental but when i was faced with the fact that i didn’t want to store these items in our parents basement while we were gone and i didn’t want to bring them with us i really dug into my feelings towards these items.  for example, one item was a teddy bear that wore a college hoody that josh bought for me when we started dating in college.  i think i had somehow managed to convince myself to hold onto it because if i didn’t have this bear maybe it would make my experience of going to college and meeting josh vanish.  i had to come to the realization that this bear, this item, was not my experience. it wasn’t my memory. it would not make my memory any more or less memorable. i let it go. once i had this “ah-ha” moment it made purging a lot easier. a few items i did keep that had sentimental value was my bear that i have had since i was about 7 years old (what’s with the bears?!?! lol), a little yarn weaving craft i made in grade 3 that my dad had kept on his bedroom door forever and had recently gifted back to me (josh hates it but i love it, i can remember making it and had great pride in accomplishing it since it was a big challenge for me to complete), and a small blanket that we hang on the wall that we got when we went to Granada while i was pregnant with mymy. the blanket has the “tree of life” on it and is all different shades of red, it’s really gorgeous and will pack well. i recently saw this quote:


going forward i am going to try to live by this quote. i also want this quote to be true for mymy:


i think if we truly live a more minimalistic life and “collect memories, not stuff” mymy will learn to cherish people, relationships, experiences, and memories more than things. growing up i always looked forward to holidays when i would get presents because, well,  i would get presents, and seeing family and other traditions were second best.  i was truly a shopaholic from my teenage years until recently (and sometimes still struggle with this and have a hard time telling myself i don’t need ‘it’). i think i had really built a connection between buying and getting new things and feeling happy. but i know that stuff isn’t what makes me happy, my experiences are. i don’t want mymy to have to learn this, i want her to live this. so this purge for our move was very spiritual for me. i loved the self reflection i did.  i always like to question myself, challenge my thought processes and work on becoming more intentional in my life. i think this was a huge step in the right direction for me.


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