first trip to the dentist

today was mymy’s first trip to the dentist :O

i knew this wasn’t going to be a great time but i did my best to prepare mymy as much as possible. she doesn’t really like strangers talking close to her, touching her, or paying too much attention to her (especially males). so having some strange man put his fingers in her mouth while she is lying down (also not a fan of lying down- you know, that’s how you fall asleep!) is not her idea of a good time.

i did some research (pinterest!) and got this book.


so yesterday i explained that we were going to the dentist the next day and we read this book a few times. this morning when she woke up i asked her if she remembered where we were going today and she said “teeth!”. smart girl.

before we left i showed her a youtube video of a little girl’s first trip to the dentist. i also showed her a picture of the dentist and told her he was going to look at her teeth today. we got there early so she could get comfortable with her surroundings and not feel rushed. we got in the chair and she sat on my lap. she didn’t like it one bit. as soon as the chair started lying back she started to freak out. knowing i wouldn’t be able to calm her down and talk her into it i made a quick decision. i told the dentist i would hold her arms down while he quickly did his thing. he was super fast and i was whispering “almost done, you’re doing great” in her ear the whole time. i don’t like having to force her into something and i would love to be able to take the time to explain that everything was going to be ok and let her decide to comply with our requests. but i know my determined little girl, and no matter how i would phrase it, once she decides she doesn’t like something, she wont do it. i decided in this situation having it be a quick would be better than drawing it out.

after he was done she got a toothbrush and floss stick which she was happy about. she even waved goodbye to the dentist. we will see what she says to daddy about it!



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